Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Election Prediction

Here we go: The Conservatives will get the largest popular vote (around 35%) and win around 270 seats. The Lib-Dems will get around 30% and 100 seats and the Labour Party will get about 25% and 250 seats. High turn out I think might favour Lib Dems. But polls always favour left wing parties. Anyway, looks like a Lib-Lab pact. How this will work God alone knows. Clegg has said no to Brown, and surely that means balls to Balls too. The Lib Dems will, in effect, be choosing the Labour party's leader, and therefore the Prime Minister. My money is on Miliband, but there will probably be a new election in October, unless of course the Lib Dems hold us all to ransom over PR (all this a perfect argument against it, i think). Come what may it is all much more exciting than usual. I wonder what would happen if we had compulsory voting?

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