Monday, 12 April 2010

Cadair Idris

This last weekend - Saturday 10th - Cal and I went up Cadair Idris. It was one of the best days of my life. It started with a breakfast that for Cal included fruit salad, full English (although of course not so called) and two weetabix. He put his almost unlimited energy during the day down to the last. The weather was a divine beam, the temperature perfect. We were damn nearly first in the car park at Ty Nant. We ascended by the Pony Track, the easiest ascent. Quite enough for me. The first hour was my hardest. I was kept going by the ravishinbg beauty of the place and by Cal's enthusiasm, After about twenty minutes we stopped and turned and looked around, and Cal simply said "This is why I believe in God", which seemed to me unanswerable. We were passed by one couple and by one girl. There was also a "ghost" girl who appeared from behind a stine wall, but whom we never saw again. We also passed a soft spoken hippie who had spent the night at the top. Cal thought he was cool, especially his long staff, upon which he leaned like some medieval pilgrim. He had a young man's beard and a benevolent gleam in his eye. I thought he was cool too. We got to the peak in about three and a half hours and then made our way east to Mynydd Moel, where we had lunch (three ham sandwiches, two apples, some sesame seed crackers and an alpen bar). We then back tracked in order to go down some frightful scree. It took an inordinately long time and messed up my knees something rotten. Cal claims to have enjoyed it. At the bottom we bathed our poor feet in the stupendously cold water of Llyn y Gadair. Cal then decided he didn't want to go back the way we were supposed to, and took the map and read it perfectly down an utterly deserted route, directly to the car park. Cal complained about nothing at all until we got back to the hotel and he had gone into the shower - sunburn. He cut himself on the scree descent and he stubbed his toes over and over again, but he was the perfect companion, high spirited, curious, determined, full of all sorts of different energy. We watched Dr Who (excellent), had supper in the bar, then watcxhed Dad's Army (also excellent) before retiring separately, I to the Masters, Cal to some idiotic American comedy movie. Absolutely bloody marvellous.


  1. You're humming, baby. You're cooking on gas. The poem, now this.
    A lovely little thing which made me very happy this morning. I passed it on to Claire with three simple words: this is lovely.

  2. Lawrence O'Connor14 April 2010 at 22:30

    Inspiring - thank you for posting.

  3. You are both most kind. Wynn

  4. What a wonderful story!