Thursday, 25 March 2010

Eddie Butler's Best Tests

I am going to quote this whole, because he has it just about right I think. This is from Eddie Butler's Guardian email, The Breakdown.

"The best Tests I ever saw? France v Australia at the 1987 World Cup; France v South Africa at RWC 1995; France v New Zealand at RWC 1999? That's a lot of France. And a lot of evidence to suggest that the World Cup is one of the best inventions of the last 25 years. Why did they wait so long?

But the best Test has to be South Africa v the Lions, Pretoria 2009, perfectly balanced as it was between brutality and silkiness, between everything going so very right and ending up so dramatically wrong."

PS - This summer i spent some days and nights at the Druidstone Hotel in Pembrokeshire. Among the guests was Eddie Butler, his wife and their three children. The eldest child is a first class footballer, but prefers to play rugby. He is, of course, an outside half. They are a cheerful, engaging bunch.

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