Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Glass of Wine by Andrew Motion

Exactly as the setting sun
clips the heel of the garden,

exactly as a pigeon
roosting tries to sing
and ends up moaning,

exactly as the ping
of someone's automatic carlock
dies into a flock
of tiny echo aftershocks,

a shapely hand of cloud
emerges from the crowd
of airy nothings that the wind allowed
to tumble over us all day
and points the way

towards its own decay,
but not before
a final sunlight-shudder pours
away across our garden floor

so steadily, so slow
it shows you everything you need to know
about this glass I'm holding out to you,

its white unblinking eye
enough to bear the whole weight of the sky.

from Public Property,
reprinted without permission of Faber & Faber


  1. Lovely stuff. I've ordered the Costa winner from Daunt- you like?

    I see from your twitter (which I don't follow in the twitter sense, as one has to draw the line) that you saw 102 Minutes That Changed The World. Riveting indeed. The image that stays with me is of the just fallen debris, filmed side on, chasing people down a street like a giant surf wave. It had a slow motion solidity that made it seem totally unreal. If you saw it on film, you wouldn't believe it. Yet this was all real footage.

    See you on Friday.

  2. The Costa was won by Chrsitopher Reid - one of the 'Martians'.