Thursday, 8 October 2009

Normando Hernández González

Why can I find no information about the condition of imprisoned Cuban journalist Normando Hernandez Gonzalez on either the Amnesty site or the Human Rights Watch site? Does it have something to do with the accents on the 'a'? I think probably not, alas. From what I can gather from Amnesty's site the human rights that organisation is concerned with are those denied ordinary Cubans by the American embargo. Curious priorities, it seems to me, suggesting that Amnesty is now in the hands of a cabal that sees dictatorship as acceptable so long as it is anti-American.

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  1. The Amnesty web site features the case of Pablo Avila, a colleague of Gonzalez who was also arrested and imprisoned during the 2003 crackdown. There is a link to a short video Amnesty made when they gave him a Media Award earlier this year.

    Amnesty probably think that the most effective campaigns focus on a single figurehead rather than each of the individuals involved. That would seem to mkake sense.

    Your interests are obviously first and foremost political, but if you have a moment to spare, then please do fill in the form at the foot of the Amnesty web page and help to secure the release of Avila, Gonzalez and others.